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Are you a small farmer that feels like the big corporate farms get to have all of the fun toys? Working in the wide world of agriculture on a budget can be challenging, and it's easy to overlook the importance of choosing the right equipment. Whether you're looking for a steadfast tractor or a versatile UTV, selecting the right gear at the right price can seem like an overwhelming task. You don't have to go it alone, though. Our site will provide you with equipment advice tailored to small farmers like you, with a focus on buying gear that is both capable and affordable. Keep reading to discover just how many options you have, even if you're working on a shoestring budget.



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Being Effective In Your Use Of Fertilizer
21 October 2019

For commercial agricultural enterprises, commercia


Being Effective In Your Use Of Fertilizer

For commercial agricultural enterprises, commercial fertilizer can be a vital tool. However, those that are new to overseeing the needs of commercial agricultural enterprises may not be aware of the strategies that will aid them in using fertilizer products to increase their crop yield and quality.

Understand The Needs Of Your Soil

Before you can create an effective fertilizing routine for your crops, you will have to deeply understand the soil composition of where the crop will be growing. The amount and types of nutrients that are available in the soil can vary greatly even across the same property. This results in you needing to have the soil tested either exactly where the crop will be located or extremely close to it. Without the results of one of these soil assessments, it will be easy to inadvertently damage the plants by adding too much of the wrong fertilizers. Ideally, one of these soil assessments should be performed prior to each crop being planted as the soil's composition can change a surprising amount from one growing season to the next.

Consider That The Needed Fertilizers Will Vary Over Time

In addition to fertilizing the ground at the start of the growing season, you are likely to need to regularly apply fertilizers as the plants will gradually deplete these nutrients as they grow. When you are adding fertilizers to the soil, you should be mindful of the current growth phase of your crop. The needs of these plants can vary significantly whether it is in the early stages of producing fruits or simply growing into a mature plant. When a person appreciates that these needs will change over the life of the plants, they can effectively adjust the fertilizers they are using so that the plant is always getting the exact mix of nutrients that it needs to thrive.

Avoid Letting The Fertilizer Degrade While In Storage

Fertilizer can be extremely prone to degrading over time if it is stored improperly. In particular, molds and other plants can start to grow in it, which should not be surprising given the nutrient-rich nature of the fertilizer. Furthermore, moisture exposure can dissolve or otherwise weaken the nutrients in the fertilizer so that they will be less potent when used for your plants. Storing these items in airtight containers where moisture will not pose a major problem can greatly extend the life of your stored fertilizers. By using these containers, you may be able to get the fertilizer to make it through the whole growing season.